Saturday, May 22, 2004

Yassine and I, Plus Some Comments

Yassine is turning out to be a NYC Girl after all. This girl can find her way around. She found a way to reach my place without my help. When she stood at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 14th Street, I saw her standing there and she said, "Man, I am ready to strip now!"

We chit-chatted for several hours before we strolled down to Ryan's Irish Pub on 2nd Avenue for Deaf Professional Happy Hour, it was fun and relaxing. Good to see some friends.

I ditched the GBNY this time around. I don't think I want to deal with hearing men for the time being. Just take a look at Tom Tricoli, SoapSucker and Captain-Obvious and by itself, it was enough to make me repel hearing guys.

Yassine pulled an antic on a hearing guy that I nearly pissed in my pants. A hearing guy hits on Yassine, and Yassine was quick to tell him that she's with me. Me? This hearing guy was obviously disappointed but stared at me as if I was so lucky to have her. I grimaced and pointed my finger at her for lying. She grabbed my finger and twisted it. I yelped like a kid in front of that hearing dude. That hearing dude is so hot but he was cool enough to give me a handshake and wished me the best.

Then we went to Urge. Web, me and Yassine had a good time, chatting about everything from A to Z. These gals charmed their ways around with a stripper or two. Apparently, someone else was so impressed with our having a good time and decided to buy us a round of drinks. I was delighted. About time someone who is hearing person is also NICE. I also saw a familiar gay blogger from NYC at Urge, he was hitting on an old geezer. More power to him -- but honey, don't do it in the bathroom, please. Do it in your bedroom, or that old geezer's bedroom.

Yassine is currently painting the town red with her boyfriend while I do some work at the office and home. I'm being pressured to meet friends and hang out at Webster Hall tonight but I dont know if I am in mood for that. In ASL, I say "SEE SEE".

Rosey, I had a discussion with a group of friends about your infamous Rosey antic. They absolutely loved and adored your antic but will they do it? Nah. Not me, but someday I might when I get annoyed, I will do it in an instant.

Tom Tricoli is at it again. Our emails has been bouncing off each other like a dodgeball. He always threw such hateful comments about deafness, appearances, intelligence and so on. I threw it back with his flaws. He has flaws such as too old, too ugly, too bitter, consummated with HIV thing, et al.

You know the rules, what you sow, you reap. He has been vicious so I had to defend who I am by throwing it back onto him. It is silly since he is much older than I am. Yet, he is still a bitter queen. Maybe that is why he has the virus to shake himself up and wake up.

It is getting old. To top it all, I'm sick of some hearing gay men in NYC for taking sides or kept silent when Tom Tricolithrew these uncalled comments on me, but slammed on me for throwing it back. It is getting silly and stupid. It is pretty childish, petty and immature.

And it is certainly cool to be Deaf and to be a cocksucker. Let alone combine two -- proud of it, honey. At least, I'm clean. Which I cannot say the same thing for you, Tom Tricoli! So to me, being the Deaf Cocksucker is no big deal to me, ye trollop dumbfuck.

Good thing, my life does not revolve on this blogging business. I have things to do but when I have the time, I shall blog. Some people like Tom does not. Tom, you apparently forgot to take extra anxiety pills again. Pop it up some today!


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