Sunday, May 23, 2004

Last Night ...

Yassine convinced me to do something that I rarely did. We went to Webster Hall.

I is the VEE VEE and VEE. Webster Hall used to be some kind of broadway theater but it was converted into a ... dance club. Apparently, some Deaf guy named Todd decided to promote the night as Deaf Nite at that place. Yassine wanted to check it out.

So off we went. Saw the classic friends as usual. Yvonne and I cruised the physical fight between a drunk patron and five or six bouncers. I swear if these five or six bouncers overextends themselves, this poor drunken fool would snap his fuckin' neck!

No, the drunken fool is not deaf. So no need to spread the rumors, honey.

The prices to drink from Webster Hall is ludicrous. To a point where the city should shut it down. $9 for a fuckin' rail drink! That's all? No, a fuckin' pint-sized one!!

At this point, if college students made Webster Hall their focal point, I am willing to bet that lots of them will be broke before they could pick up their SSI checks ...

One thing that turned me off about hearing guys who worked as bouncers at Webster Hall, they tend to break Deaf patrons who huddled in a circle to chat with each other. Apparently, these idiotic bouncers assumed that we were dealing drugs. The truth is that we need to huddle with each other in order to be able to see what one has to say in sign language. I repeatedly saw three or four bouncers breaking deaf groups up. Totally tasteless, you hearie dumbfucks!

I think I might date this cute bartender from the local bar in a short time. And guess what? He is hearie! Yassine liked him. That sounds a good deal, eh?

I notice something interesting -- there are plentiful of guys who are dumb on this planet -- and often, their names tend to coincide with Aaron! No, Oswaks, even you have the first name -- Aaron but you are not what I am thinking of.

Today, the sun arose over Manhattan. Yassine was thrilled. Yassine dropped the MOAB on me (Mother of All Bombs) that she is off to Boston for two days (Praise the Lord!). I was like, "Sure, go away! I need the space to myself. I am tired of sleeping with a woman next to me!" Yassine smiled so hard. We went to Penn Station but after some confusing moments, we went to Park Avenue and 39th Street to meet friends and bid her farewell. It was enjoyable day. We get to VEE, VEE and VEE people around us in Midtown.

Now I need a drink or two at some local fag pub.

I have a long day tomorrow.



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