Saturday, May 08, 2004

Rest In Peace, Ernie and Edward -- I Salute You.

IN the last two weeks, things just pop up in my face. Not that I complain but that is the way of life -- for me, that is.

Edward Scouten Jr died last week at 89 in Tallahassee, Florida. Naturally, I was sad because he played a pivotal role in my fraternity at Gallaudet. Not only that, I found out through Larry yesterday that Ernie Hoffman also died last night. He was my alumni adviser through the pledge period and brother years with my fraternity. He was kind, funny and crazy. I'll miss him and his outspoken thoughts. Guys, I salute you both.

This week is crazy -- lots of visits and Cynthia's Birthday Week has come to a whirling end last night when we threw her a surprise party at my new place -- yes, I finally cleaned up the place and stench only to have it mess up again.

There was a little shock(ment) from someone else that I never expected but I'll never share it. LOL.

Today, I'm praying to LJC that Yvonne answers my messages so that we can flee to Brooklyn to haul my last stuff. If not, I'm going to be depressed over the weekend.

Ahh, such a life in New York ...

And I miss Benis.


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