Wednesday, May 19, 2004

SoapSucker Really Needs To Get A Lobotomy!

SoapSucker, you continue to fail to understand what I am trying to convey from day one -- I do not believe in spamming nor has the desire to spam others like your "friends" do on others out of anger or immature behavior. It is indeed pitiful that you would associate with some kind of barbarians who treated Deaf people like retards on these postings that I find it appalling.

The emails were between *me* and *Captain Obvious*. That person has no class nor dignity. It was a private email from me to him, trying to explain things the best way I can -- instead, he ridiculed me then posted my emails on his message boards without my knowledge. What does it tells you about his character? And your character in continuing the conversations with him from that point on?

These behaviors by these arrogant twerps are not appropriate by any standards. Your association with them through the message boards are not acceptable in the Deaf Community. Maybe you live in a small town or far away from where I grew up in, it is much easier to meet a deaf person and subjugate them over. But certainly not in D.C., Boston, Philadelphia or New York. If one found out, you are going to be alone for a long time.

The world does not operate on English's grammatical rules. I try to improve the best way I can, if you or your friends continue to ridicule me like that, then why don't you ridicule the foreigners who struggled in English? There is more to life than English. I do not understand why people are so obsessed with English rules -- get a fuckin' life!!

I would like to warn you something, if you attempt to correct or criticize a deaf person's grammar, especially in cities like four above, you should expect a backlash because it smacked off from your condescending attitudes. You are NOT here to help us, you are only studying to be an interpreter so your future occupation is to interpret, nothing else ... so in other words, fuck off!

I am not going to cower from any hearing person like my grandparents who always said, "They will learn how to behave or respect us someday." Well, my grandparents are dead. They never had the respect or being treated as a normal citizen, they had been treated like second class citizens for a long time -- why do you think they segregate themselves from hearing people? It is because of your kind's boorish actions that shunned the most of us away. Seeing my grandparents being patient all their lives, I cannot be part of this -- I chose the path that will make sure that I have the dignity and respect if it should take me to defend my actions, then so be it.

Your attempts to criticize me because I defended myself, my friends and my deaf community from Captain-Obvious' audistic rantings are appalling, considering the fact that you are studying to be an interpreter. All in all, you are one fucked-up person. You need to apologize for what you did to me, my friends and others.


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