Monday, May 10, 2004

Few Thoughts About Deaf Men ...

DeafNation's RV Tour made a stop at my workplace. The creator of DeafNation is Jed Barish. All I can say is that Angela Otani is lucky to have Jed. Here is the photo of these natural, laid-back and determined Deaf men.

Overall, they're nice folks. Made sure that each person feels comfortable during the visit. I knew Jed through his brother. I knew Anthony through his sister, I knew Branic through Web. That is the price of living in Deaf World -- where everyone knew everyone else.

Time for me to flee to Park Slope to meet Yvonne once again and haul my stuff to my apartment -- for the LAST time. Then I might be off to The Cock Bar tonite.



P.S. Breen, Happy Birthday!

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