Thursday, May 27, 2004

Quarles' Kick

In women's basketball game versus Tennessee, Virginia guard Talisha Quarles attempted to retrieve the loose ball before it rolls out of bounds -- but a Tennessee player slapped the ball back in to hit another Virginia player's leg before it ricocheted out of bounds. Talisha groaned but saw the ball rolling by, she used her foot to stop it from rolling.

But as soon as she heard the referee saying that the possession of the ball goes to Tennessee, Talisha quietly kicked the ball out of bounds so fast and so far away, it forced the Tennessee player to walk over, pick it up, come back and start playing.

Call it an unsportsmanshiplike conduct if you must. But honestly, who cares? Anyway, the whole thing I just talked is merely an analogy of what I do with people's struggles at times because I want to.


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