Tuesday, May 11, 2004

HOw Do I Feel Today?

(Thanks to Gus for sending me the picture!!)
That is how I feel today.

Tommy Tricoli annoyed me to no end.

And I found out that a murder took place in Morganton, North Carolina -- the town where my mother, grandmother and uncles attended at North Carolina School for the Deaf. Not only that, my beloved friend, Keith also went to NCSD.

The murderer is none other than Chris Lambert! That dude who has two HUGE dogs at Gallaudet few years ago with a dominant girlfriend who works at Campus Activities. They hadn't identified the deceased female body but I suspect it was that dominant girlfriend, Tallie.

This occured when I said not many deaf people killed the other like hearing people do with each other. Boom, it pops up in my face. AS usual. But my argument still stands, bitches.

C'est la vie!


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