Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Practice

Living in New York can drive you insane. You probably need something to stay on the ground all the time and be in control. It is OK to be out of control for days but not for weeks.

How do I keep myself stay on the grounds? Sometimes it's friends, sometimes it's activities outside of bars & clubs, sometimes it's computer and last, sometimes it's TV shows.

When I was in the District, I never cared much for "The Practice" until I moved to NYC. I realized that I have to stop going out all the time -- so I chose certain days not to go out (Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays). The Practice falls on Sunday evening.

I saw the series finale of The Practice recently. It talked about someone defending the CEO in the courts because he had a fetish for disabled persons. In the CEO's words, "I do not like the term: disability. They are special -- they are special abled persons."

So in other words, he had a hard-on for persons who uses wheelchairs. This reminds me of some fetishes. Some persons had a thing for amputees. Some persons has a thing for mascots. And yes, I already met some hearing persons whose specialty is ... Deaf persons. I even had a conversation with some of them about it, they said that Deaf persons excited them more than hearing persons do.

Ahh, in that TV series finale, the CEO won the case then saw a lady with a neck brace who walked by him, he stared at her, loosened his tie -- looked around to see nobody looking at him as he went after her ...

Such a world, is it?


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