Monday, May 03, 2004

Insane Weekend

Last Friday night in the midst of moving stuff, I picked Benis in Chinatown who arrived from DC by the service of some Chinese bus service. Benis looked good as ever. He also brought Keith along as well. We went to my new apartment, of course, it was so messy and all that. Benis was quick enough to search for a 2-liter bottle in order to create the gravity bong. I was knocked out. So did they.

Later, we pranced around Chelsea and ate. Came home to crash.

The next Saturday morning/afternoon, I fled to Park Slope to pick up my stuff and Shane was kind enough to let me use his car to haul some of my stuff to my new place. I'm bit miffed that he declined my money for the use of gas and car. But I told Shane that he has to let me treat him and his boyfriend out to a dinner this week or next. He accepted. *sigh* Men! Can't live with or without them!!

I was stunned that my roommate tried the G.B. for the first time about 10 minutes after she woke up from the hibernation. Suffice to say, she returned to bed for the next 5 hours. Benis and Keith were naughty boys, can't leave them unsupervised at times. ;-)

After that, Keith, Benis and I went to the Financial District, Soho and Chelsea. One funny moment occured when we were cramped in a subway en route to Soho, we were surrounded by these naive Mennonites and couple of Latino studs. One latino stud was behind Benis. I was holding him to keep the balance while the train rolls off. Benis was yakking, I saw that Latino stud looking down at my right arm which was around Benis' waist while my left arm was holding the metal pole. Since he looked at my right arm, I quickly cupped and groped Benis' ass. Benis was quick to say, "Why are you groping my ass?" I snickered as I saw the Latino stud reacted with a shock then in revulsion. That was so funny. Later I explained the reason to Benis, he was cool with it.

We went to XL and once again, saw Corey. Told him that he's such a Chelsea slut for being on the NEXT Magazine recently. He said he ain't one. Whatever. Introductions were made between Benis and Corey. As usual, Corey did his jabs at me. After that, we went home to recuperate before the classic New York Saturday night began.

Saturday night was bit odd ... Benis was tired so he did not go at all. Keith and I went to The Flat to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was bit boring but too hot to stay put so I told Keith to enjoy himself while I sneak to a gay bar about a block away. As I walked to the bar, I was using my pager to communicate with someone else. One guy tapped me and said Hi. I was the vee. He's nice fellow. From Portland, Oregon. 37. Marine-looking type. But not. Turns out that he liked big men ... like me. He then took care of my frustrations by kissing, and talking. It was nice. Then I was surprised to see Web, Keith, Joe and Maria coming to join with me at Urge.

It was nice time. Got home, did the G.B. trick to knock me out.

On Sunday, Keith, Benis and I mingled in Midtown and went to Grand Central Terminal (my first time, imagine!) -- and it is not bad, I think Union Station in DC is more grandeur than GCT, though. But it is interesting to see that GCT is located right next/under the MetLife building.

Later in the evening, Benis and I had a ... sinister time. More on this in a bit.


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