Friday, April 30, 2004

Moving Is Hell

Last night, thanks to Tanya and Cynthia, I was able to haul the majority of my stuff to a new place in East Village. There is a lot of things that I *still* need to get movin' around. Sigh.

I took a timeout last night and headed to The Hole. Corey was not in. I noticed a pattern -- if the DJ is not there, the crowd tends to be different. This one was bit pitiful. The DJ was bad, the video was horrible, the folks in the bar were lethargic at its most.

I suspect it is because there is a new party held at The Slide called the Underwear Nite, you have to put your clothes in a hefty bag and only you can use is your underwear, boxer, boxerbriefs (I love it!), or thongs to mingle in the bar. I heard that lots of my acquaintenances go there. *groan*

That means what? I'll go there in few weeks and at the same time, hit the gymnasium.

Meanwhile at The Hole, I kept on staring at one guy. I was not sure if he was Bill Pullman. When he saw me staring at him, he was bit concerned and worried a little but also gave me the dirty look to scare me off. I smirked. It could be him or just a lookalike dude. What did he do there? For me to know, for you to find out. :-)

Speaking of Pullman, remember the flick called "ID4" where Bill Pullman played as President of United States? In one scene, where all these F-14 jets were firing the rockets in different paths but yet still targeted the massive ship, it only damaged the outer wall of the ship. At a different time, each rocket hits and exploded one by one in different locations around the ship. Obviously, trying to find the weakness to exploit.

It reminds me of my antics, attacking people until I find their weakness and pour salt on the wounds and finish them off in my style. Right, Larry?

I am expecting Vess to arrive tonight and mingle all the weekend with me ... he said he has earth-shattering news for me. I hate that.

Have a good weekend,


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