Friday, April 23, 2004

Praise the Lord it's Friday

That means what? I'm going to home and rest. I tend to be home on Friday nights. I think it is because it's much cheaper to go out on weekdays than on weekends. Of course I have to go out on one of these weekends, so I often selected Saturday night as the means to go out.

But today is the day I am not feeling GREAT. I am tired, I am starting to have a headache. I am starting to feel exhausted.

This Tuesday, I will try to bait a friend or two (Sarah?) to go with me to Big Cup in quest to sign up for Queer Pad, a new not so straight reality show. It's going to be hard to win but who knows? Never hurt in trying to do that. Who knows it'd propel me to be "that" famous like Bill Rancic or Carson Kreesley?

Oh, my favorite scene in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar occurs when one famous model stopped Noxeema Jackson from moving through at China Bowl, the model said, "You're so beautiful! Can I be like you?" Noxeema laughed then moved ahead and said with a sarcasm, "Good luck!"

Another one was when Chi Chi Rodriguez wailed and complained that she's tired of people snickering at her when she wants to do something good with her life. Vida turned to see Noxeema snickering. LOL.

I enjoyed watching people bicker at each other with snide remarks. It reflected their intelligence, the ability to withstand the insults and return it back with funny lines always won my praises. Which is why I have these friends on the list on my blog.

I look forward to return to my futon bed, where it is waiting for me. Maybe tonight after 10 PM, I'll be able to score a guy or two in my bed. Umm. That is not bad idea.

But hearing Bobby's comments about being tied in a bed getting an ass workout is bit turn-off.

Take care,


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