Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Borrowed Time

Today, thanks to the weather, I am vicious. I just wanted to say that someone is living on a borrowed time. And it is running out. Such a poetic justice if you ask me.

I'd like to go to the District this weekend. But I'm not sure. Decisions! Decisions must be made! Oh, fuck. I find it hard to believe that Vanilla Ice is actually coming to Gallaudet -- actually, I saw him making a comment on Surreal Life on TV a while ago that he vowed that he will *never* perform as Vanilla Ice.

Mutaytor was great band ever to grace the Rock Festival at Gallaudet. I was tripping on several fronts and throw alcohol in it, and seeing the Mutaytors doing unbelievable stuff. I still VEE'd at one lady who wore huge wedding dress and were wearing some taller wooden sticks to walk around but she slipped on the puddle of water, her dress were exposed openly right straight to my face. Remember I was tripping and I was like, "Get that fuckin' chopped liver out of my face!!" after seeing her exposed vagina right next to my head.

Larry, Mitch, remember the gal that I pulled her hair down and cause a drama at RF? I said, "Did your mother teach you this?" Then pulled her fuckin' hair down so hard that she fell on the floor. That bitch has no business of pulling the wig that I was wearing and trampled on it.

Anyway, Dylan is coming to my palace tonight. In fact, we'll dine tonight and chit-chat for hours, perhaps.

Tomorrow, I shall take him to a place and he'll be pleased with it. *smirk*

I met a cute guy last night named Logan. He is studying at Fordham. You know me, I like intelligent men more than pretty bois. You can have pretty bois. They bore me to death. Oops, did I say "death"? *hysterical laughter*

Ahh, I like Bobby's idea -- ask me 3 questions. Anything. I dare you. But beware, I get a kick out of shocking people about anything, really.



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