Saturday, April 03, 2004


I was reading Litch's comments about various things and saw him talking about The X-Men. I was amused because I read The Uncanny X-Men for many years. Then I read The New Mutants, then X-Factor. Three books to follow is enough. They changed The New Mutants into X-Force. From there, they blew it open -- creating more books to a point where I say, "I love you but fuck this."

I love the X-Men movies, it totally separated itself from the storyline that was already constructed in the books. But there are some interesting streaks that you have to say, "Yes! Yes!" when you saw Jean Grey glowed and used her powers to contain the waters from overwhelming the plane as the plane flew out. Before the waters buried Jean Grey, you saw the fire in her eyes -- it indicated that Dark Phoenix is coming!!

Did you know that in the books, they never said that Pyro is gay but it is obvious, the way he talked, acted and hung out with pretty boys. Stuff like that was great. I agreed about Rogue and Mystique -- also Nightcrawler learned that his mother is Mystique. Remember, Mystique adopted Rogue, not that she is the real daughter of Mystique.

Anyway, I want to jump to the subject about Infectia. Not many people remembered her. She made a brief appearance in X-Factor as a gal who thought Iceman was hot and wanted to be with her (she really liked Iceman but she also wanted to use him to get in a ship). But the problem is that her kiss always transformed a person's genetic make-ups to the extremes. Suffice to say, Beast, Iceman's best friend, who was caucasian and prevented Iceman from kissing Infectia by kissing her -- Beast was transformed into a hairy, blue-skinned and incredibly above-intelligence mind.

Sounds so corny, is it? Yeah, but that is not what I wanted to share.

Long time later in the series, there was a virus named Legacy which spreads among the Mutants and killing them in the process. Beast was struggling with the fact that he lost his "normal looking" and could not bag any woman to love. He found out that Infectia was infected with the Legacy Virus and was dying in Los Angeles.

Beast initially hesitated from going to the hospital where Infectia was quarantined in Los Angeles because he resented her for ruining his identity. Later, Infectia woke up very sick and was very apologetic. She repeatedly apologized to Beast. Later, it was evident that she will die shortly. She complained to Beast and others that she wanted to see the sunset and the city of Los Angeles before she died. Beast then did something (the artwork was excellent, too) that moved my heart. I quickly locked my bedroom as I started to shed a tear or two as Beast made sure that no one sees him.

He picked up Infectia in his arms, she woke up groggily and said, "Beastie, aren't you afraid that I might infect you?" Beast didnt respond but it was evident that he was not. Infectia touched his hairy cheek as he took her to the mountains overlooking Los Angeles and held her in his arms as the sunset goes down.

Infectia curled against Beast's massive, hairy, muscular blue body as Beast openly cried. Infectia then died peacefully in his arms.

That really moved me a lot. Beast's actions are simply courageous and compassion for people who made bad mistakes . And he also went beyond to assure that everything is OK. I just hope that there are people like that out there for everyone else. To hold such a compassion for others than hirself.

I think I said enough for the day.


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