Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Tipping, Weight Loss, Rumors ... !

I am sick of hearing and deaf people who perpetuated that deaf people are bad tippers. I dont think we are that bad. Some of us did *not* know how to tip properly because nobody told them. But I do tip, even with a lousy drink or a dinner plate. I knew of a hearing guy who refused to tip when he got a shoddy treatment by some waiters. He said that some people do not deserve a tip. Many of us are diverse. Some tips, some do not tip.

But hearies and audists like to categorize us at times. That really annoyed me the most.

You know, it is OK to read a comic book. One guy said that I lived in a fantasy world because I read these books. Excuse me, if that is the case, then tell me why people go to the movies? Why people read the fiction novels? I never said that Mordru is my favorite person -- I always said that he is my favorite character. I think it is safe to say that I have more books than comic books in my bedroom. Some people loved Frodo, and what is the point?

Last night, I chatted with a hearing friend of mine (a neighbor) who also read some vicious remarks by a certain person. He said that I should call the cops in order to protect myself since he knew who I am. And he also added that my English skills are fine.

How many times should I repeat this? English is *not* my first language. I always aim to improve my skills ... so naturally, I'm sick of people criticizing others' skills. When one argues with some merits, people has to resort to name-calling insults and threats.

I hadn't decided whether to go to the District this weekend to be part of Gallaudet's Rock Festival hoopla. See, see.

I will get a chance to dine and wine with Aronowicz Gal -- a girl that I hadn't seen in 10 years. She found me on and was shocked that I live here in New York. I was also shocked that she is back in New York, too. Yay! We'll chit-chat for hours, for sure!!! Such a gorgeous and classy gal.

Last night, I was wearing the yellow sweater with Gallaudet on it, the one that Mitch gave it to me last year. I noticed something interesting. Initially, it fits me last year. Now it's too big for me. The lines on the sweater by my shoulders are now in the lower part of the upper arms. So maybe I did lose some -- but I need to sign up for some workouts to crush this hideous belly. One guy said that it's so cute and he'll disown me if I get rid of it. And guess what? I'm gonna get rid of it.



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