Sunday, April 11, 2004

Sharon, Will You Be My Mommy??

I was reading the New York Blade, and it mentioned that Sharon Osbourne made a comment that she regrets not having a gay or lesbian child. I was not even surprised considering the fact that I love her show on MTV. Well, I have something to say for her -- Sharon, be my mother, please?

The truth, the truth, the truth, the truth, the truth. That is all I can say at this moment.

Thavith is here. He's cuddly as hell.

Eddie pissed me off today. He IMmed me today and told me that a hearing guy with dark brown hair was looking for me at The Cock last night. I asked, "What name?" He said he does not remember. I *absolutely*hate that!! Never leave me in suspense if you do not know his fucking name! That is so forbit!!

There is a live crucifixion at Triple XXX Event tonight which a promoter invited me to get in for free but I declined to go because I have to work the next day. Triple XXX Event is a party not to be missed but I have to decline it.

I was surfing the city of Richmond's "economic development" on the Internet out of boredom because it was cold and rainy outside. I was stunned to learn that 6th Street Marketplace with its cool archbridge across the Broad Street is demolished! Not only that, they are talking about moving the ballpark to a new location in Shockoe Bottom. Shockoe Bottom in Richmond is akin to what you see in DC's Georgetown, Philadelphia's South Street and New York's Soho. I thought it was fabulous for Richmond to rip down the old ballpark and build a new one in Shockoe Bottom facing the James River and downtown. It will look like Camden Yards in Baltimore.

To make it even better, the Main Street Station which has been abandoned by the city for many years after its deadly fire in '83 is making a comeback in Shockoe Bottom. It now has Amtrak station, and the city is contemplating about moving the Greyhound bus station (which is about 2 or 3 miles outside of downtown) in that facility. The city wants to make Main Street Station the "central hub" to all points like Union Station in DC, Penn Station in NYC et al.

About time Richmond finally gets with the program.

Ahh, again, Sharon, I wanna be your son.


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