Monday, April 19, 2004


Several years ago, I watched the national championship game between Tennessee and Old Dominion. There was a cameo of slow motion which became my favorite slo-mo of all time.

When I am antsy or peeved, I quickly thought of the slo-mo scene to amuse myself.

IN that scene, it showed that a 6'5 center from Africa, Clarisse Machanguana tried to dribble the ball into the post area. Suddenly, Tennessee's Kyra Elzy swiped the ball off from Machanguana. Machanguana's face showed the confused disbelief then transformed into frustrated one as she tried to swirl her 6'5 body to stop Elzy from running off. IN the next move, Elzy slowly bounced from the right to the left to prevent Machanguana from reclaiming it. Elzy did not know that on her left side, Old Dominion's flashy point guard, Ticha Penicheiro already saw Elzy picking up the bounced ball on her left side. Ticha's determined look quickly focused on the ball as she dived to swipe the ball back.

That was fun scenario.

Take it in Slo-Mo, a lot of things happened. But in reality, it happened so fast -- like four or five seconds.

What a ride. I'm lucky and many deaf people are lucky, too. We are able to imitate Slo-Mo in our signs. I dont think hearing people are capable of that.


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