Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Should I Say Congratulations to My Parents?

I was informed that the Virginia Association of the Deaf selected my mother and father to be the 2004 Virginia Deaf Mother and Father of the Year.

Let's see ... they produced Karen, Billy Jr, Lily, Hedy, moi and Gary. Karen and Billy Jr are CODA -- Children of Deaf Adults. The rest of us are Deaf. I am the only one who graduated from college. Billy Jr was a dropout. He also signed up for the Navy but was discharged because (No, it's not gay thing) he beats up on a drill sargeant. Karen thinks that since she is the first child in the family, that means she's smarter than the rest. Lily is incredibly whiner from day one. She reminded me of Wonder Woman's publicist, Myndi Mayer's sister who nagged at her at every turn. Hedy is a cuntlicker like Karen, but she has a partner and lives in Dallas. (!!) My little brother lives in Miami. And I sit on the throne of New York. Generally, we are just average family who has the moments of our own.

There will be a banquet in Colonial Heights, Virginia to formalize the presentation by the VAD to my parents on June 6. I was hereby ordered to show up by my mother for four days, June 4 to 8.

Otherwise, I hope it will be a good experience for Mom and Dad -- but you know, they needed a huge exposure from Manhattanites to shock them in the process to be open-minded about everything in order to appreciate the diversity, they're still living in The South. Oh, well.


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