Friday, April 09, 2004

As The World Turns ...

I had an hour of break and I was outside, feeling the cool air all over my body. The winds. The fresh air in the midst of New York? Perhaps so. It is nice, really. Too bad, we have so many bloggers whose their works are purely mind-boggling and depressing to deal with.

Is it possible to have a *decent* gay friend to start with? I wondered.

Ahh, I was supposed to meet the Aronowicz Gal yesterday evening but she paged me that it was raining and her shoulders are acting up, so we are getting together today at 6:30 PM. It must be 10 years that I had not sat down and chat. I would not be surprised that we will chit-chat for hours.

In the another part of the world, sometimes I wish the Middle East is entirely removed and tossed away in the deep space, casted away to be forgotten. It does *nothing* but presents an obstacle in sustaining the peace and goodwill towards men (and women).

Larry mentioned about the Rwandan Genocide, you know, I am not like Larry -- I heard about it in Richmond Times-Dispatch in small articles. At that time, they did not call it a genocide, just a series of massacres. But the repeated massacres became a form of genocide, really.

Last Sunday night, I was treated with a great program on PBS (PBS Rules!!) about the Rwandan Genocide. It contained the footages where we get to watch the Hutu extremists butchering the Tutsis. It was a macabre. You get to see a guy using the machete to strike on one gal's head repeatedly. I mean, you get to see a person die right there on the tape. It was reported that many Hutu extremists drank lots of alcohol to ignore the remorse or guilty conscience and do these things.

My friend, Claudeine Umuveyei, my former YLC wife, was a victim of Rwandan ethnic cleansing. She and her family fled to Canada. She mentioned that she is a Tutsi and large portions of her extended families are dead, butchered by the Hutu extremists.

But guess what? The world still moves around. People are being born, people are being killed, people are being infected with different things, people are being happy, people are being sad ... the world still revolves into tomorrow. It is interesting, though.

I know when I die, some people will miss me, some people will celebrate with fireworks. But 1,000 years later, nobody remembers who I am. We do not know who our forefathers of 1,000 years ago are, do you expect you would be known in 1,000 years? No. Basically, they might say, "Ah, that is so cute name. I'm going to name my kid after this cool name." That's it.

Gaea continues to move into tomorrow. Nothing we can do to prevent this.

So I'm going out for the night. Good night,


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