Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Few Tidbits

Two weeks ago, something happened in The Bronx -- yeah, you call it THE Bronx, not Bronx -- there was an owner of ice cream truck driving down the street, another ice cream truck's driver came out and attacked the other one because they were stealing their routes and business. Ice cream trucks? What's next?

You know, hearing people amazed me. And they are stupid, too. Often, that is. Some people said I should educate them about deafness, Deaf culture and American Sign Language. I always shrugged and said, "I was not born to do that, thank you very much -- SKSK to your face!"

No, it is not bitter or resentment. My common sense dictated that it is waste of my time trying to make a difference. So I chose to do what is on the table for me, myself and my soul. Look at my grandmother, she spent her whole life educating hearing people and always very patient woman. In the end, she did not get what she deserved. It amounted to nothing. Hearing people always takes, takes and takes. Look at deaf education, deaf agencies, Gallaudet et al. Deaf people has to *fight* to achieve what they wanted in life. Deaf people wanted to take control of deaf schools, hearing administrators objected. Deaf people wanted to take control of deaf-owned agencies, hearing administrators bickered and sabotaged.

Needless to say, it is a cycle that we have to endure for years. Am I bitter? No. I am being realistic and of course, very wary of hearing people. When one hearing person is too nice, something is going on, trust me. Sooner or later, they will use what is on your table and turn it against you.

Of course, not all hearing people are like that, but the majority of hearing people are like that.

Ahh, to clear up some confusions, I do have some friends who are HIV Positive, in fact, I am very close friend with him. I do not feel that he was irresponsible. He made a mistake. But for a person to trust a man (lover) and not to wear a condom in the first place is irresponsible, period. Why do you trust men, especially hearing men? They are dogs, plain and simple. They are always lying and horny all the time.

And for someone to say that he always is worried about infecting someone else everyday, then clean up his acts. Don't go out and do one-night stands. I know of a friend who has HIV Positive and he is not worried all the time. Know why? Because he does not go out and fuck every night or 5 times per week! In order to stop worrying too much, one has to tone and control himself.

Open-relationships made the concept of marriage a moot, I think. What is the point of having a marriage if you want to bomp everyone else that moves?

Ahh, I hate Tennessee and Connecticut -- they are playing for the national championship game for the 2nd straight year. And for the second straight year, I selected not to watch the game. That game is like a CD overplayed repeatedly over the years. Ugh.

Instead, I'll go with friends to see a movie tonight.



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