Saturday, April 17, 2004

Aww, Terese, Just Shut Up, ok?

Terese, Terese -- you, of all, should know better than this. Of course, the "chopped liver" refers to the female anatomy but it is not directed at you or any other female friends of mine. They are not part of this -- I'm speaking of "generalized" females. Drop your charade, please -- most lezzies would say, "Take that ugly stick away from me." What is the difference, you fakey trollop? ;-)

Am I in DC or not? That is the question that should be already answered. I *am* not in DC for Rock Festival. As much as I wanted to go because lots of people talked to me about coming. But few people talked to me that Rock Festival is for college students, and I am beneath on that. So guys, enjoy your time! Be sure to share the exciting events that might happened at the Rock Festival like seeing Bobby sucking some Jon in the corner, ok? ;-)

This week was pretty brutal at work because of the audit coming up. I am pretty nervous -- since I am responsible for the program to be evaluated by the state office of mental health to get the certificate (if poor, 1 year -- if great, 3 years) to keep the program. My first audit coming up. EEEK. Plus some other circumstances that I do not want to mention, though.

Dylan enjoyed his time at The Hole, Slate and hanging out with me throughout the portions of New York, today he is going to help me haul some stuff to a new apartment in Manhattan.

Manhattan? Yes, I am moving to East Village in Manhattan from Park Slope in Brooklyn. And I'll miss Park Slope and probably will visit once in a while but I'm glad to get out of this apartment because the Landlord upstairs is imbecile. She is in her 60s, she entered the apartment without knocking or letting me know. A major forbit! She always said, "You're deaf! I have to enter!" I told her, "No! No!"

I decided to get out of this garbage so ... hooked up with a gal in Manhattan for a place to live. Should be an adventure!!

After that, I will take Dylan to Brooklyn Heights where he'll see the spectacular view of Manhattan that is often being filmed in the movies then we shall walk over Brooklyn Bridge and mingle around Uptown for some time.

On a serious subject, Harvey Fierstein is correct. Harvey said we lacked the HIV negative role models. We need to show the community about the positive role models of HIV negative people. One blogger lashed out at him for trying to stigmatize HIV Positive People but that is not Harvey's goal. Harvey is trying to stigmatize the virus. Most of HIV Pozs embraced the virus and barebacked and barked at people who complained about their continued promiscuity. Where is their compassion for the humans? It appears that they are probably mad at the world so they do not care whether if they infect someone or not. Maybe they wanted to secure their rights to be promiscuous? I'm not sure what they wanted out of this, though.

Harvey is correct because we always see the HIV Meds posters in NYC and DC how hot guys are with Poz. We need to have the posters of diarrhea, crix body, facial wasting and kaposi sarcomas to stigmatize the virus itself and we need HIV Pozs to tell people who do unsafe sex that living with HIV sucks and explain why. GeekSlut's blogs are bit erotic and at the same time, he explained about his frustrations with his HIV. But he barebacked. But he has points, but he has opinions. But he seems to be angry and protective when it comes to HIV issues.

Sometimes I get tired of hearing HIV Pozs talking about fucking some guys last night without condoms because "they" did not ask for a condom. Sometimes I'm glad that there are few people who are running out of time, I certainly think they do not deserve to remain on this planet if they do not have a compassion for people by suggesting the safe sex policy.


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