Thursday, April 29, 2004

Funeral Home and Bus Stop

Yesterday, Char talked about how uncomfortable it is to stand next to the Funeral Home, waiting for the city bus to come by on 1st Avenue and Houston Street. I agreed wholeheartedly!!

One time I was standing, waiting for the bus. A small coffin was hauled out of the Funeral Home with lots of distraught people. Some wailed hysterically. Some slapped on their heads, screamed on the top of the lungs. A mother was cradling the white coffin as it rolls into a station wagon en route to the cemetary, probably.

I was next to the whole thing. It was so uncomfortable. I tried to look at the street but the body movements, the screams, the wails, the glares were too much. I turned to look at lots of people who were waiting for the city bus. They were also uncomfortable about they were also very tough. They acted like the coffin is not there.

I want to enamate something to let them know that I acknowledge and am sorry but at the same time, respect their privacy. But it is at the bus stop, very difficult.

The city is dumb to put it down.

Any suggestions how to behave in front of the Funeral Home at the city bus stop?

Again, this only happens in New York.


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