Saturday, April 24, 2004

"Whua-hey? Who dares to interrupt my slumber?"

Yesterday during the break, I saw a group gathering by a window next to my office. I found out that they witnessed a cat falling down from 4th floor and survived. It sat on the curb by my office window. I saw the cat and immediately knew who it belonged to. Got someone from 4th floor to check up on the cat and bring it home. It is OK. Bizarre but the cat is OK. Which I cannot say the same thing for Tommyrico -- that bastard is cold, tasteless and stupid prick.

I just signed up for Gmail which was offered to me via the, it should be interesting. It is -- who will be my first personal to say hi?

Larry, your blogsite looks like a fan of scat or diarrhea, no offense, honey. But I like your images on the right side, where can I get that?

I went home last night at 430 PM and I lay down in my bed and watched the TV 'til 745 PM, I fell asleep until 730 AM. I felt much better, invigorated and all that.

Fuck, Teen Titans are coming up. I heard a lot about them -- I wanna see how it is all about! I'll get back to you, OK? So far, so good -- the introduction is great. :-)

During my slumber, I got 16 messages on my blackberry pager. Am I that popular? I dont know.

Anyway, I was reading an article about Dolly Parton cracking some funny lines at some country music awards about wardrobe malfunction. She said something that she cannot provide such a wardrobe malfunction ... but she wears such a tight clothes, you never know. And she also said, "If it happens, the first three rows will be wiped out." She was on the podium. Good line, Dolly Parton! Love you, babe.

Gotta go back to the Teen Titans thing. It is a childhood thing for me. Gotta check it out.


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