Wednesday, April 28, 2004

ASL Thing ...

I was supposed to meet Jan today at 6 PM, I tried my best to get to Christopher Park on time but I was late. Jan left for home. He wanted me to come to his place in New Jersey for the weekend.

My first concern is to haul all of my stuff out by April 30th or at least, May 1st. Then after that, I do not care.

A certain friend is coming up my way this weekend as well. Then on Sunday, we might visit the legendary Triple XXX Event.

I went to the GLBT Center to check up with the NYCASLCLUB, a social club for hearing people to learn and improve the signs with deaf people. It was nice and mellow. Saw few familiar faces. Suddenly, my eyes targeted one cute hearing dude. I had to check him out. Ahh, name is Emerson. I'll keep it quiet for the time being.

Otherwise, it was a quiet day -- the calm before the storm ... the issue is transportation. Oh, god.

Ahh, I'm going to add someone new to the Friends' list. Deansworld, welcome!


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