Monday, April 26, 2004

Two Things About DelaJoy!

You know, when I get to your wedding and listen to the usual ramblings by a preacher or priest and when s/he says: "Anyone who objects to the union shall stand up and say it right now", I shall stand up and object.

I'll object to your union mainly because it is not fair. I remembered our discussion a long time ago before you met Eric. We chatted about our frustrations with men. You moaned that you wondered when will you ever get married to a guy considering the fact that lots of people thought you were a cuntlicker. I dismissed that notion and said you'll get when you do not expect it. Less than two months later, you found Eric. Now you have a son. Soon you're gonna be married to that charming dude. That is so unfair!!!! Where is it in for me? WAAAAH!

Now on another subject, about the abortion rights. The whole point of the event is that the right to choose. You have the right not to abort, that is your entirely decision but you do not have the right to impose your beliefs on others. If they want to abort, that is their choice, not yours. The whole thing boils to the personal rights that the government has no *right* to interfere. The so-called religious beliefs would like to do nothing but to force us to adhere to their beliefs. All in all, I am not quite fond of abortions but I have no right to tell others what to do with their bodies. That is what pro-life wanted, to tell them how to live their lives. so essentially, I am on pro-choice's side when it comes to personal rights.


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