Thursday, April 08, 2004

How Can I Be A Pig?

It amused me to no end that someone called me a pig. If you read his blogs, you'd see that he enjoys raunchy sex, frequents sex and all that stuff. In the gay community, a pig is reserved for men who likes raunchy sex.

I'm not in that. I laugh at it, but I'm not into that. But he is -- who is a true pig? He is. Not me. The logic dictated that he is a pig. But what do I expect from a hearie, really?

I wanted to emphasize the facts that I do *not* resent hearing people. I do not feel bitter towards them. I just do not care about them, I have some hearing friends and they are great to me. I appreciated that as well. But I'm talking about "these" hearies.

For example, when a hearing person learned new signs, they tend to attempt in telling deaf people that their signs are *wrong*. That is forbit. A big-time *forbit*! When one did that, it turned me off.

When a hearing person wants to be a teacher of the deaf, I cringe because I grew up dealing with horrible teachers who think they knew better for us to follow and live by. I reject that 'plantation mentality'. It is my wish that there are only Deaf teachers for Deaf children.

I always sneered at people who studied in audiology and speech therapy. Why study something that is already dead? When I was a kid, I was forced to sit very close to a speech therapist who is very old woman with 1,500 wrinkles in her face and neck. I had to feel her neck, her nose and her air out of her fucking mouth. Her breath kept on blowing in my face. What a nightmare. Maybe that is why I am gay. Who knows?

But the point is that I do not resent or feel bitter towards them, I just have the opinions that hearing persons should back off and treat us as equals, not otherwise. As of now, I do not see any changes in the society we live in, so I am being cynical at times.

But my two boyfriends were hearing. How weird is that? But who cares, really?


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