Thursday, April 08, 2004

Here's my turd!

I remembered the tale by Chlms' sister about her experiences in working at the zoo. She mentioned that the chimpanzees threw the turds at her. She was offended but the folks who worked at the zoo told her that it is their way of saying that Stacy is a hot chick and that they were trying to mark her as theirs.

I was thinking about this today, you know, it'll be so fucking surreal if we see gay men doing that in gay bars. Can you imagine walking around the bar and suddenly, a turd splattered on your back or chest or face? But again, what if a hot dude comes in the gay bar, and everyone throws the turds at him.

I see that Berna created her blog as well. Berna, Berna!

My memories with Berna was absolutely great. I remembered the icy pool in Arizona where she pressured me to take a quick dip in the pool in the dark hours during the month of January. I resisted but caved in to the pressures. I jumped. By god, it was so freezing that I could not find my penis. I had to issue a profile on a milk carton that my penis was missing.

I remembered Berna and me busting one guy having a fling with another guy from ... he thought we were sleeping but we were waiting on him then he brought someone in the apartment, we decided to turn the lights on and wait for them to come out. So *funny*.

I remembered asking Berna where the 2 pounds of tea were when she and the gang's car broke down in Socorro, New Mexico. She said, "I stayed at the Sheriff's Department and slept in a jail room, but it was not locked." I assumed if the tea were left in the car. She said, "No, we took it with us." I said, "What?" She said, "They said it's best that we carry everything with me because lots of illegal aliens will steal anything that is left on the highways. I gasped and said, "You mean, you took the fucking 2 1/2 pounds of tea into the police station and walked out with it? She nodded. Such a priceless moment.

Remember the Fireworks in Las Vegas? Such a drama! We were all high and raced to the top floor of the 10-story parking lot to watch the fireworks. But the security officers told us that the top floor is empty and off-limits (our car was the only one there), I quickly looked at the time. It was 11:58 PM. I quickly asked Rosalie to use her charisma and give the security officers hard time so that we can stall them in order to watch the fireworks. She did a good job -- suddenly, the explosions banged just right above us. It scared the shit out of us all but we howled with laughters, it was unexpected and so funny!

One more story, Keith told me this before -- he was in Paris and there was a gypsy beggar who persisted on Keith for some changes. He got fed up and slapped the gypsy beggar's cup and it flew all over the floor. Keith has the guts to do that and that guy was ready to attack Keith ...

These are my friends, always fun and full of life. So welcome, Berna.


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