Monday, April 26, 2004

The Restaurant ...

I was watching "The Restaurant" on NBC, it was quite a drama between Rocco and Jeffrey. Jeffrey is a stud. Rocco is fuckin' arrogant that you can find in Chelsea, lying through his yellow teeth to get what he wanted. But that is not the topic I wanted to tell ...

About five or six years ago, a group of six or seven went to Pizzeria Uno's in Union Station in the District. Among the group was Lester, a 6'8 foot tall dude ... it was a simple thing that turned into a drama that embarrassed everyone else in the process.

We had our orders done and Lester was hungry and waiting impatiently for his food to arrive. The lady was carrying a huge plate that held food dishes on her shoulder and her right hand to balance the plate. As she began to put the dishes down one-by-one ... Lester was impatient and he was taller enough to see his dish on the plate, he took it off the huge plate.

Big mistake.

The lady lost control of her huge plate and tipped the plate towards our table and destroyed our food -- the lady was so pissed off at Lester as he held his plate. He looked like, "Did I do this? But I did not mean to do this!"

It was such a spectacle yet so embarrassing.

Yes, I had to wait another 20 minutes of dinner.


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