Sunday, April 18, 2004

Few Tidbits Over The Weekend

Heard that Vanilla Ice came to Gallaudet for only ONE hour and Gallaudet paid him $800 for that. What a rip-off. But some said that it was such a great time to be at Rock Festival. Good for them!

Heard that the party at Lee was smashin' successful. Good for them!

I'm glad that Sunday existed because I get a chance to rest and watch my favorite shows on the tube. The Simpsons, AFV, Malcolm In The Middle, Arrested Development and The Practice. Ahh, such a blessing to be at home away from the crazed world of Manhattan.

Veronica, I think you made a mistake related to your state visit, remember when you and JB left DC for California in a truck -- you had to drive through the country, right? Your truck does not fly, from what I have seen! How can u miss the states on the way to California?

I just found out that my good friend's boyfriend died peacefully last Friday morning to AIDS. I'm relieved that it's all over for my good friend, he works hard to maintain the stability with himself and his boyfriend. Hassan and I had our differences but we have such a mutual respect for each other and even loitered a lot. The truth is that they did not ask to be infected with the virus. It was not their fault nor deserved to suffer and die in the process. But for some people who actively chases the bug or kept on barebacking is something that I despised. My friends were not promiscuous. The guys who are promiscuous has no moral responsibility for others except for himself.

Hopefully, in few weeks, I will be able to entertain Toby here in Manhattan so he can recuperate and relax a little from dealing with the whole thing. It will be a good break for him. I told Toby that he is more than welcome to stay with me in Manhattan for a week or two. Hassan, you've done your fight and now you may dance your ass off for the rest of eternity. Go and have a good time in wherever you are as long as you get to dance your way around, baby.


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