Friday, April 02, 2004

This is for you, Sonny!!

Sonny Wasilowski is perhaps the happiest man in the nation -- bagged and sealed Lisa Macon as Lisa Wasilowski last summer (thus preserved his heterosexual identity) and seeing his favorite college team reach the Final Four in New Orleans -- Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Janel McCarville is obviously big and tough chick. She is what I termed: A corn-fed chick who could plow her way around in the paint to score points and grab rebounds. Just like Stacy Stephens, another corn-fed chick whom I loved at Texas Longhorns.

I just hope UMinn will pound some sense into UConn, especially Diana Taurasi.

Back to Sonny, I asked him if he reads my blogs, he said he did and that it was scandalous. Because I name names in bold. Well, well, well. Not to name names is to defeat the sole purpose of my blog's existence, really. There are many injustices in this world that people got away with it -- I figured if I can help by naming names, I do the Fates a favor or two.

Sonny will never have to worry about me trying to lambast his reputation into smithereens. He is just a cute, skinny boy whom needs to put some meat on his body -- perhaps the marriage itself will do the trick. If he was gay, I still will not want him. He would be certified as a twink and condemned by moi.

Lisa Wasilowski, keep an eye on him ... you know how men are. You once lived in New York City -- if no woman can keep her man occupied, you know what will happen. But good thing about you is that you got Sonny wrapped around ur index finger.



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