Friday, April 02, 2004

May the Glory of Gaea be with you.

These words were uttered by the Amazons towards each other in love, honor and pride.

I read what Larry talked about Wonder Woman. When I was a kid, I loved Wonder Woman. I even had the posters of Wonder Woman in my dorm room at VSD. How pitiful, is it?

Even worse when I see the repeats, the villains were running so fast and Lynda Carter ran so slow -- yet, she caught them so easily! Well, Lynda Carter is beautiful alcoholic woman, just like Karen Walker.

Anyway, you know that the origins of Wonder Woman is very interesting. Wonder Woman came from a forgotten island named Themyscira where the gods protect from the Man's World. Earlier in the past, the females fled the Man's World and set up its own civilization for women. But since they violated the gods' wishes, the Amazons were ordered to wear the bondages on their wrists as a reminder of who they are from the distant place called the Man's World where they were enslaved by men.

Also, they were granted immortality on a condition that they must safeguard the caverns that could free some kind of demons.

Now ... this is so Greek, is it? But why is Wonder Woman's appearances seem to be so ... USA?

Thanks to George Perez, the writer/artist of Wonder Woman in DC Comics who crafted the origins of Wonder Woman. Themyscira has been hidden away guarded by the gods (Athena, Hera, Aphrodite, Hermes, Demeter and Poseidon), so years has passed by ....

Meanwhile in the Man's World, we eventually evolved to a point where women are capable of flying and be treated as an equal. There was an aspiring aviator in 1950s named Diana Trevor. She wanted to fly an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean. She lost the control of her plane and crashed into the ocean. Poseidon, the god of the oceans sensed the goodness in her and carried her to the shores of Themyscira.

Diana woke up on the beach and was stunned to see the greek-style buildings and she checked her United States Air Force jacket including the golden eagle pin and the US Flag patch. Suddenly, she heard the thunders and screams. It was several women screaming. Diana quickly pulled the gun and cocked it ready as she ran towards the screams. Then she saw a legion of women trying to contain the demon that was trying to break out of the cavern -- the demon was winning and it was hurting some women.

Suddenly, a thunder occured -- the women were startled and saw a lone stranger pointing something at the demon, it caused the demon to roll back into the caverns but not without some women. Diana ran after it into the caverns as the women were stunned to see a different figure saving their lives and running after the demon into the cavern.

Inside the cavern, Diana located the demon and sacrificed her life to save several women as she aimed the gun at the demon's head as the demon's tentacles crushed her body -- it was enough to save women's lives.

The Amazons brought Diana out of the cavern and brought it to Queen Hippolyte who decided to honor her bravery and courage as she ordered the specialists to design a monument after Diana. But it was not enough, Queen Hippolyte decided to set up a contest that will pick *one* Amazon to represent Themyscira. The specialists studied Diana Trevor's clothes in order to design an uniform that will be very special. They took the US flag patch and gold eagle pin and few things ... boom, you get Wonder Woman right there.

Ahh. Thanks, George Perez.

May the Glory of Gaea be with you.


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