Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Last Night ...

It was 87 degrees in New York. People were moody. I saw the city bus flashing words: "EMERGENCY! CALL 911! GET COPS!" Shortly, the police cars blocked the bus from moving at all. Apparently, someone was robbing inside or something happened inside that the bus driver did not want to jeopardize himself so they just turned the flashes on.

Had a dinner with a friend of mine on 2nd Avenue, I dont see that dude around -- who boasted that he'd push me onto the speeding bus somewhere on 2nd Avenue. Whatever. Then I went to Dicks Bar to meet Cyn and Alberto. I missed the huge fight in Dicks Bar -- apparently, one drunk guy threw the balls from the billard pool onto people he did not like and tossed some glasses before fled. Such a drama.

Then at The Cock, we chatted -- I was starting to sneeze because of fuckin' allergies, one guy kept on shoving me with his sharpened elbow, I turned to let him know that I do not appreciate it. He kept on doing it again and again. I became annoyed, talked with my friend Corey who is a bartender about that loser. Corey said he'd keep an eye on him. Few minutes later, he shoved me again, Corey saw it.

Know what happened next?

Corey pulled the water hose that is used for filling up the drinks and sprayed at him with full blast -- he was drenched and shocked at the whole episode. Alberto and I gasped and stared in disbelief. It was such a melodramatic. Corey is my hero. Even if he is a hearie, he is my hero.

Who cannot love him?


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