Wednesday, April 21, 2004

DelaJoy & CertainDisaster

DelaJoy created her blog this week after seeing my blogs for weeks, I guess it is infectious. So I'm adding her to the list. DelaJoy and I had been friends for years. I always strolled into the cafeteria at Gallaudet and saw DelaJoy finishing up her dinner, I always said to her, "I must tell you something about someone else! You must stay and wait for me." I stormed away from her to get my dinner. She's always, "Fuck you, I can't leave this shit because I can't live without your news!"

YOU ARE NOT MEMBER! YOU ARE NOT MEMBER! YOU ARE NOT MEMBER! (To whom it may concern, if you dont understand what it is -- it is an inside joke between me and DelaJoy -- you have to convince her to write about it.)

CertainDisaster is the fourth victim on the Hearies' Blog. He is from East Village. We have some common interests. His blogs are normal -- which is better than hearing people talking about shagging all the time. Since I'm from East Village, and he seems to be normal guy from East Village -- he qualified to be the fourth victim. :-)


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