Saturday, April 03, 2004

My Three Trash Bins

All my close friends might roll their eyes when I explain the rules. Especially Web and Breen Gal.

People out there needs to understand my views of how the world operates with the gossips. Everyone simply gossip, common sense dictates that the human beings are a social group that requires to mingle with each other -- that includes getting to know each other through different means.

I may be the only person who admitted that I gossip occasionally -- I also may be the only person who identify and classify what kinds of information people use to filter things out. I call it ... Three Trash Bins.

First Trash Bin has a cap on the top of it -- it is sealed, contained and kept intact. This bin is for my friends, people who are wonderful to me and others, people who are respectful -- whatever I heard remained in this bin.

Second Trash Bin has a cap but it is not sealed partially. This concept applies to the group that I am not sure whether to trust or not. This often contained information that does not mean much to the public, really. If people ask me, I figure out if it's cool to share or not. Sometimes people give me the information, I put it in 2nd and let it slide. Or not. Common sense is required in this manner or you're fucked up.

Third Trash Bin lacked the cap to contain the trash. It is reserved for people who I do not regard that has a soul within themselves. They are annoying, stupid, arrogant, unrespectful -- often it is reserved for people who double-crossed me, my friends. It can apply to people that has nothing to do with me but the way s/he berated the others out of no reasons.

The majority of my close friends are in 1st, the majority of people whom I do not care much for are in 3rd. So there you know!

I'm off to The Slide.


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