Friday, May 07, 2004


You just cannot argue things with someone who does not listen. It is like talking to a wall. Come to think of this, you are similar to Dubya, Surdus. Stubborn and self-righteous when it comes to things like this.

My point is that ... you have no right to put the good ole USA down with your antics about the soldiers humiliating the prisoners. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT THERE. Abu Gahrib is not far from Fallujah, the site of where many Americans were killed in a barbaric fashion. So I am certain that the soldiers felt somewhat pressured or stressed out with the whole thing that happened on a daily basis.

What are we supposed to do with the travesty? We are in the position where we try to help, many countries objected that we were trying to police them ... if we choose not to help, they also objected that we were acting above them. It is no-no win situation.

I am aware of things like WMD but that is ancient. Like it or not, the argument about the WMD is waaaaay past the time. It is moot to argue and dwell on this since we conquered Saddam and is now occupying Iraq. Now what should we do about it? We won the Saddam War, so now what next?

Let's not focus on Dubya, WMDs or anything like that. It is not worth the time and energy. The future is now, the future is ours to reshape things. Now, let's figure out what to do next. There are mistakes that the government and the Armed Forces did, now what?

Comparing us to them, I rather for us to win even with the barbaric treatments because I know in our system, we'd find ways to exact our rights and improve from there. With Saddam, Saud Royal Family, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan and/or Turkey running the show, we'd be executed so fast that you cannot finish your own blog.

Here, we can fight for our rights even if it takes years to get what we wanted -- but not in these places. So hereby, I say: Better us to rule them than to let them rule us.


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