Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Lime with Vodka!

Last night after work, I met Bianca for a dinner and a stroll around Chelsea. We caught up on everything else, her marriage life, my life in New York. Blah, blah. And blah.

The bitch still looks so gorgeous!

Breen dumped her in my laps while she fled to a DWU meeting (Deaf Women United) ... Breen, don't you know by now that I am dangerous when it comes to babysitting someone else?

We went to XL because Bianca likes the Martini drinks, and I knew that bar has 2-4-1 Happy Hours from 4 PM to 9 PM. Or at Urge from 5 PM to 10 PM. So we were much closer to XL than Urge, so it is XL.

My boy, Corey, is not there. He's still in Japan.

Cameron took his place and Bianca has a weakness for men in black. And Cameron is all that, except that he's such a fag. Tough luck, Bianca. Keep your hands in your pockets, remember you're married woman!

Then one drunk guy who is a lawyer tried to communicate with me and Bianca. As usual, Bianca was so nice. I was trying to pull an infamous Rosey antic. The Rosey antic occurs when a guy tried to talk to her in ASL but in the midst of his signs, she turned away from him and ignored him because to her, he's boring.

Bianca was having none of that, she was so nice. She asked him for his name. He said, "Gary". It turned out that he's from Great Britain, now living in New York. Bianca asked him why he knew signs. He kept on saying that he has a deaf sister. Whoopee. Then Bianca asked him what his deaf sister's name is? He said, "Lime with Vodka". I snickered. Bianca said, "No, no. What is your deaf sister's name?" He kept on saying, "Lime with Vodka". I smiled and grimaced. Trying to suppress a laughter. He turned to tell me to "Stop it".

What an idiot.

Oh, I should mention that this drunk guy also knocked Bianca's martini down and break the martini in the process? Such a drama.

Then Gary bought another drink for her, this time with a full martini of vodka. Gary left with his boyfriend, then Cameron came back with Gary's drinks and was fumed that they left without paying for that drink.

I told Bianca that sometimes we have to be tough to make sure that nobody tramples over our dignity. Gary was simply condescending, told me to stop it when I grimaced as if I was a kid. Under normal circumstances, I would give him the look. But last night was Bianca's night. So Gary was lucky to get away with it.


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