Friday, May 21, 2004

"But, Officer Smith, it is not my fault if she looks like a garbage can!"

Had a haircut, looks nice. I look like Toby now. Jen, my administrative assistant, said that I looked like much younger (But Jen, I'm only 30!) man and looked so professional (But Jen, I already am a professional!).

Either way, I like it. Maybe I can score a certain guy like Shane, Randy, Matt or Evil Robot? Jayson, maybe? Who knows?


Was reading the NY DAILY NEWS today. I smiled a little. GBNY is going to be at Barrage on West 47th Street. A guy was assassinated in a broad daylight just 3 blocks east on the same street at Diamond District by 47th Street and 6 Avenue.


Now back to the headline, there is an article that makes me wonder what was in this gentleman's mind when it happened? How can one mistook someone for a garbage can?

My co-worker told me last night that he never had sex with guys over 300 lbs but after doing it with this particular guy (who is also his current boyfriend), his attitude with bigger men completely changed overnight. He prefers big or bigger men. I just stared at him. I do not know what to say nor think.

Ahh. I still remembered the day a guy rejected me because I was not fat enough. That was a nice change from guys who said I was not thin enough.

I need a guy like Jayson. Benis. Oswaks. Evil Robot, Matt or even a male mannequin will do just fine.

But no Tim Tricoli please. Ugh.


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