Monday, May 24, 2004

June 4 - 8

These dates left me some mixed feelings. I will depart for Richmond, Virginia. I wonder if I am able to adapt to the concept that everything closes at 12 AM or 2 AM in this town after enduring the weeks of 4 AM closings in this magnificent city.

I am going to VEE at Deaf people in Paramount Kings Dominion where I shall mingle all day long with Benis and Oswaks. Let's pray for less sun, more clouds so I dont have to deal with sunburn, motherfucka!!

Maybe some of us could have a lunch together in Doswell, Virginia.

I am going to VEE at my parents' luncheon on Sunday the 6th for their awards. I know I am going to snicker and page friends what I think of this.

Then my sister asked me if she could drive me and Benis back to NYC on 7th or 8th. I said, "Sure, but I gotta drive first, sistah!"

No way in Heavens or Hell that I'd permit my lesbo sistah to drive in Manhattan.

Only Deaf gay men can drive better than anyone else.

So these particular dates are going to be interesting weekend for me to analyze myself and the ... world!


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