Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Don't Point That At Me, Cynthia.

Two nights ago, Cynthia and I was sitting on the floor and watched Disney's Tarzan. We giggled when we saw Rosie O'Donnell's ape character. The resemblance is very strong between the animated character and Rosie.

Then Cyn said that she has Champagne that someone gave her for her birthday. She struggled to pop the cork, I kept on telling her to stick that thing out of my face. She kept on rolling to my face, I pushed the champagne and said, "There, not my face!" She then struggled and the champagne went back to my face -- I pushed it -- BOOM, the cork popped out -- it was pretty loud and funny. The cork landed about 10 feet away from where we were. Cynthia's response was: "Oh."

Told her, "TOLD YOU SO! Don't point that at me or anyone else's face!!"

About the ancient pictures, I always enjoyed them. I guess I got it from my father's passion. It is just that the way they posed themselves before the camera is graceful and powerful.

Cliff, look at the female students and the intstructor. Notice that their hair did not reach their clothes, their hairdos were held. Patti Raswant (I miss her very much, where is she?) said that a long time ago in deaf schools, students were encouraged not to shower daily, that they may shower 2 or 3 times per week. To prevent their hair from becoming oily, many female students learned to tie their hair without getting dirty from their clothes.

Not only that, if you look at the female instructor, I'm not certain if she is deaf or hearing (probably hearing), but it is easy to identify that she is a discplinarian. Look at the paper she held and the space between her and the female students. Her body language indicated that she is a strict disciplinarian.

As you can see, Cliff, the picture like this tells more than just pose in silence.

Last night, I met a charming fellow at Nowhere Bar, he was all over me. His name is Walter. No, it is not Lozada. Just another hearing guy. At first, I was ordering Prabst beer, he stood behind me and he touched my back, I was startled. But did not turn my head to see who it is. I was busy with the money exchange. He then rubbed my back. It was sweet and nice. I turned, I was impressed. He is cute, has intense eyes and all that. Bit older than I am but still cute. We talked. He said he observed me from distance. He made his move and I enjoyed his company. Asked me if I want to go to Vermont with him for these Radical Faeries thing. I told him that I promised myself that I have to work on my stuff before the Audit occurs on 16th to 18th of June.

This happened at Nowhere Bar, the site of Big Lug every Tuesdays. I saw one muscular guy rubbing himself on 400-lb guy. I do not understand. But like someone said, maybe that muscular guy likes to poke his dick into bigger guy's oversized belly button? I noticed that certain guys go in the back and pull the drapes to close the room for few minutes . . .

Guess what? Triple XXX is returning again at The Hole. It is not the last time as Nardicio proclaimed to be -- this Sunday, May 30, 2004 from 9 PM to 4 AM.

I do not think I will attend unless a certain person(s) are in town ...


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