Wednesday, May 26, 2004

His IP Address is

This person wrote a vicious comments about Deaf people to a point where I decided to delete it entirely and banned him from commenting at all.

He wrote that Deaf people should drop dead. That everyone else who are Deaf are stupid. He went on to rant that Jesus himself is hearing!

What the fuck?

Another case of dumbfuck hearie.

No sane hearing person is willing to address my questions -- they only attack because they do not know how to respond appropriately.

You know, I am glad that more and more hearies are being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, less hearies to deal with in this world. What's next? We'll wait until you are exterminated, then we take over.

To that person who commented, your comments are so hilarious and stupid to a point where it does not have a dignity to sit in my domain. Go home and suck your mama's tits. Oh, I forgot -- she ran out of milk. Go and suck Tom's diseased dick.


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