Saturday, April 09, 2005

X-ians Are Nuts

You gotta love the folks who claimed to be "born-again X-ians". They claimed that they, their church and their devotion to Jesus Christ and God will cure you of your deafness.

I wrote an entry a LONG time ago where I mentioned that one woman tried to cure my brother's deafness by grabbing ahold of his head and prayed. I grabbed her wrist and violently took it off and gave him the dead stare that could make the lady shiver with fear. I swear she'd think I was Lucifer Morningstar.

The same thing happened to Jeff Carlson. Poor him. But that was so funny entry. Ahh, he privatized his blogsite so I asked him for his permission, here it is!

OH, JESUS! Last night, I was at Kinko helping Dork with his court case. A lady there saw us signing, she slipped us a note saying, "Believe in Jesus. He will cure you. You will be hearing again. Hallelujah!" She also wrote down something about 12:6 in the bible.

I am always amused every time it happens. Why not? I get to play game with their mind. Really, those people needs to pray to God and ask Him to grow their brains. They are all morons.

Few months ago, I went to the bookstore with someone. A guy saw me signing, he came by with a note saying to seek God for His help and go to his church. Then he left. "Hello there?" I wonder. I just want to talk.

Other time, I was talking to someone and a lady wrote a note and handed to me saying, "God is good" and blah, blah, blah. At the end of the note, she said I should go to her church and God would help me with my deafness." I told her that God wouldn't help me at all. She told me to put my faith in Him and it is all a test. I told her, "No, listen... I've been bad. I've fornicated, cussed, called people names, made fun of them, gambled, and used the Lord's name in vain." She said, "Well, you can ask Him for His forgiveness." I told her, "I don't want to do that. I love every sinful things I did. It's fun. I want to try sodomy at some point." That lady left the building before I could finish the sentence.

Another X-ian nut on the loose. This time it is in Rochester. Felt bad for my friends in Rochester -- Poor Jason and Aarie.

As you can see in the last week of melodrama by X-ian nuts. We also have an All-American X-ian Terrorist in Eric Rudolph, who bombed a gay nightclub, two abortion clinics and at the 2000 Olympics, pleading guilty to all charges to avoid the death penalty. What do you call it? A coward, of course.

It is easy to scream at Muslims or others for being the Terrorists. But when you have one under your wings, you hide them and cheer them. Like Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) who said that he would not be surprised to see the killings of judges to accelerate nor blamed the "domestic" terrorists for taking things on their own -- did you see any uproar about Senator John Cornyn's slur? Nothing.

It is OK to be a Terrorist as long as it is against abortion, gays, race, women, Muslims et al as long as it is not against X-ian's ideological beliefs.


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