Monday, April 25, 2005

Bitch Session IV

Here it is! Remember, anything you send it to me -- I copy and paste -- but I remove the names & email addresses, it is all forgotten. Nobody knew. Nobody will never know who said this, that and there. Yes, some people asked me who said it, and I declined to identify because I wanted to make this 100% confidentiality.


* * *

Jessica vonGarrel! Get over Franco Korpics. Don't be obsessed and possessive about him. He doesn't love you! MOVE ON! He is in love with someone else! I know for sure!! GET A LIFE!!

Why can't you come up with better names while trying to launch veiled attacks online? You guys are scooping ridiculously low. "A Friend" "Anonymous" "Kurzetards" You're all weaklings. Have fun finishing your shriveling down into the dirt while feebling blurting out weak words and dispersing into thin air. Have more class, will you?

Cynthia & Tanya, from day one, people snickered at you both because you're losers. And you still are. Why do you think you guys went home alone last Friday night?

When are you going to get a clue that I do not have any attraction for you? Pick up your drool bucket and move on to the next person.

Desmond, you will never be cute -- you're just vain dude who thinks you're all that. You only had to buy clothes in order to keep up with the trends -- but otherwise, you're truly fucked. IN fact, you cannot compete with anyone else outside of your circle -- that's why you are imprisoned in your own world -- A sign of delusional mind, really. Not only that, fucking your roommate is not exactly the "gay" thing to do!

To the family (cohabiting with college students) where the gal is all over the country doing recruiting for a certain college, and where the guy is doing god-knows-what, do you think the 3-year old daughter is doing well, psychologically and emotionally?

When will we achieve First Contact with Vulcans so we can wipe out the materialism shit?

Jessica vonGarrel ... go back to the man who wants u so badly, Jon Kovacs!

Get a fucking clue that I do not want to see or talk with you at all. No means no. Need help finding a long thick needle to pop that overinflated balloon head of yours?

Fuck you, you cab drivers who think that beautiful deaf women with big boobs would be interested in marrying, let alone dating, you! Get a grip. I'm not helping you get your green card.

Asking me to fill out a lottery ticket (with numbers) for you does not mean that I'll marry you if you win the lottery. See the cop and business woman behind you laughing? That should indicate how silly you sounded when asking me to marry you if you won. Keep the money yourself and enjoy your new rich life if you win. If not, happy drinking that beer you bought alongside your lottery ticket.

I wonder if the dead infant probably makes Dorian Yanke see things in a different light? I hope so. That fucker probably deserved it.

Scott, if I ever see you again, the first thing you'll ever see is my fist.

Lenny, one word that can describe you the best -- retard.

You don't think I smell foreign tuna on your cock? Stop cheating. Or I'll bite.

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