Friday, April 15, 2005

Married Men Do Cheat

After the DIRC Meeting, I thought of getting a drink at PIECES Bar which is neighborhood bar in Greenwich Village. The bartender and I occasionally chatted, mainly because he is cool. He can sign a little. Anyway, he told me that he cannot understand why some younger men are into older men. I did not understand why he mentioned it, he pointed to the couple behind me -- I turned to see a younger hispanic guy making out with a guy in his 60s.

I smiled sheepishly and said, "Amazing, is it?"

The bartender nodded and said in ASL, "Old man married, look at his ring."

I turned to see his gold ring. And grinned ... and asked him how did he know if he's married or not?

The bartender laughed and said, "They are regular here. I know 'em. They told me."


Prior to the visit at the PIECES Bar, I was at DIRC with Sarah, kaybee and few familiar faces. It was interesting and fun. I did not realize that a certain person who had an interest in me for a long time was pretty upset or disappointed that I did not make an effort in reaching out to him in order to ... whatever it means.

The way he expressed his frustrations with me about my lack of efforts to do stuff with him indicated that he has/had a genuine thing for me. I'm not sure whether if I'm ready to do this. With him. Or with anyone else.


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