Friday, April 01, 2005

Silas & Keith

Tonight, I will travel to JFK Airport to meet and integrate Silas into the world's greatest city. On the way to my place, we will stop by Chinatown to pick Keith up.

I'm thrilled -- it is about time that I get to be stimulated by my peers. I'm kinda tired of dealing with hearies, deaf women and many unintelligent deaf gays here in the city.

New York is the greatest when it comes to entertainment. There is always something to do. But does it has a great community for deaf gays? Definitely not. Many of them are ... how do I explain it? Suffice to say, I *know* Silas and Keith will snicker and grimace at the sight of these folks at times.

Thank God it's Friday.

Oh, by the way, it'd be funny if Pope John Paul II died on Fools' Day.


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