Wednesday, April 20, 2005

More Xian Nuts To Report, Don't I?

Chicago, IL -- Xian Nuts are on the loose and they claimed that they saw the image of Virgin Mary by the highway's underpass! This is hilarious, the End is coming! Be like Lummings and hop off the cliff!

This reminded me of Xian nuts going amok in Clearwater, Florida few years ago after seeing this image on some office window after some cleaners mixed wrong chemicals!

More on the Nazi Pope: South Africa's Anglician Bishop Desmond Tutu said that the new Pope is out of touch with the world's progress. In other words, he was saying that he's old fart. Same thing came from the new Pope's older brother who said he's old fart. Sort of.

Update! I got an email from the guy I liked. We are ... let's say ... talking. I think.

Went to Columbia University today to observe the class where Ratie, Jody and Perlis are attending for their graduate studies. Had a lengthy conversation with different people -- bumped into Maria, the wild girl of New York -- she reminded me to come down to Nowhere Bar on 14 Street on Friday night for her birthday bash party.

Gee, when will it ever end?


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