Monday, April 25, 2005

A Birthday Party for John Cameron Mitchell

Last night, I strolled down to Lower East Side and hits the Happy End Lounge on Broome Street. Little did I know that the night would end up as one of the most interesting evenings of my time in Manhattan.

It was a birthday bash for John Cameron Mitchell, a man of many hats (actor, writer, director, producer et al). Perhaps some of you knew that John Cameron Mitchell is famous for directing and acting in the independent film called "Hedwig and the Angry Inch".

Yes, I met John Cameron Mitchell -- he's shorter than I am but extremely cute. Very nice. Beth is so going to kill me. Beth is bona-fide fan of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". The folks that went to the Birthday Bash is surreal. Some dressed outrageously, some dressed marvelous. I was the one on the left side in the "dress shitty" category.

Some stuff are not meant to be said in public. I also met a photographer who also do the photo-blog of his own. I was bit annoyed when he kept on flashing around the bar, its flash is extremely powerful. After seeing his photoblogging, I understand why he frequently flashed it all over the bar. Do not expect to find a picture of me in it because I probably did not look attractive last night. The photographer is also tall and sported a familiar facial features that tends to intrigue me and I found out that ... he is Serbian. I know, McFly, I have a thing for Serbs. Don't ask me why. I just never visited the Balkan States but I do have a thing for them. Call it a fetish if you must, McFly! Nikola, your stuff are great! I'm gonna add you to my list.

The photographer does some stuff for as well. You can see the picture of John Cameron Mitchell being groped by these 3 nuts which I *vee-vee'ed* all night long. LIke I said, some stuff are not meant to be said in public.

Jessica the Bartender was simply great and charming -- I cannot believe how much she has to put up with gay men last night.

One funniest moment occured when I was waiting in a line for the bathroom (things always fucked up in the bathroom, don't they?), a guy shoved me. I was annoyed. Then he awkwardly leaned in on me which made my drink spill over a little. I turned to look at him and fingerspelled, "YOU ANAL RETENTIVE!"

The dumb hearing guy smiled and slowly mouthed the words, "I don't know what you said, but thanks for trying to talk with me." He leaned in on for a hug.

I nearly choked on my ice.

OH, yeah, Alan Cummings was there. He was literally all over the place. One time, he bumped on my back when he was dancing -- you guys know me, I hate being pushed, shoved or knocked around -- I turned to see him dancing. "Oh, that is him?" was my first thought when I first saw him. No excitement there. Not my thing. He's not hot but being famous helps him to make out with ... stop, stop, RT, stop!

Surdus, Jasper and Dax plainly vanished few hours later while I hung around and flirted different guys. It was fun. When I got home, I realized that I got 3 or 4 email addresses. Not bad, not bad.

Confidential to Chad: Staying in the bathroom with a guy for a long time does not make you attractive.


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