Friday, April 01, 2005

Want Some Pat Salad?

I'm SO glad it happened to Pat Buchanan, a Republican conservative pig.

Pat Buchanan was the one who criticized Gallaudet University students for staging a Deaf President Now Movement in 1988. He once commented, "If they can run the university, then let's put the retard in the charge of retards school" in late 1980s. It was offensive and ignorant of Pat Buchanan.

He wrote an article which I revisited recently in "Gallaudet In The News, Special Protest Issue, March 6-13, 1988". Check page 274, titled "When tantrums prevail" by Patrick Buchanan.

Here are few comments that he balked at Gallaudet students for taking the ownership of the university.

"Is this what 'civil rights' has come to mean? Not equality of opportunity for deaf people to compete, but mandated job quotas and set-asides! If you lose in a fair competition, raise hell until the ruling authorities reverse the results; then, demand amnesty. Is that the message? So it would seem."

From all appearances, Ms. Zinser was a dedicated, qualified educator, who won her post fair and square; yet, for a week she was treated like Bull Conner at Gallaudet; almost no one rose to her defense. Will someone explain why running this woman off campu, and out of town, is a victory for "civil rights"?

"Deaf Community's Sense of Oppression Led to Furor at Gallaudet University," said The Post, in another headline. Oppression? By whom?"

"Neither the interests of Black America nor of deaf people were served by last week's victories. What they learned is that, if you are black or handicapped, you are exempt from standards applied to other people. If you are black or deaf in the academic community, you can be sheltered from the consequences of your own misconduct. The moral timidity of the academic community that so turned Middle America against it in the 60s, was on display, once again, last week. Like the Bourbons of old, they appear to have learned nothing in 20 years."

And today, he went to Western Michigan University to give a speech. Boom! Pat, you deserved it, ignorant prick.

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