Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Suburb of Philadelphia

I'm currently in Norristown, a suburb of Philadelphia. I ran out of the city for the time being. I needed a timeout from everything else in New York. I can feel that I would head down for a burnout if I remain bit longer in New York.

I love New York because of its entertainment value -- it never ceased to amaze me.

But its connections with Deaf Community, especially with the gays and lesbians are dismal at its best. Philadelphia has a wide variety of Deaf GLBTs to loiter around. I may return to New York in few months (anywhere from 3 to 6 months, give it a shot!).

New York is not a place for people who wanted a boyfriend or a girlfriend -- trust me. It is a town of cheaters. Town of opportunists to play around. I'm cool with it, though. Hell, I played a lot when I was in the city. I fucked 6 or 7 married guys, to say the least! But I'm 31. I wanted to be content with someone else. Fags in New York simply does not have the time for that until they are in 70s, until it is too late. Or until they got the damned HIV thing first. Yes, I'm being stereotypical. So fucking what!

While I'm in Philadelphia, I am going to be content, eat right, work out (?! Yes, now I do have the time!), stabilize my exhausted mind and soul. I won't be that far away from New York -- after all, it takes less than $5 to get to New York by way of SEPTA and NJTRANSIT.

By coming to Philadelphia, I am exploring on finding ways to set up the Bed and Breakfast Inn, perhaps in New Hope or in Center City -- I preferred it to be in Philadelphia area because of its centralized location between the District of Columbia and Boston.

So it is an opportunity for me to figure out the exact things I needed to push before I hit the fortysomething, really.

Which is why you see the new picture logo of Philadelphia, instead of New York.

Since I had been here for the last two days, I slept heavily. I hadn't slept this good in a long time. I needed that, though. However, my friends, one negative thing to the whole thing is ... I do not know of any gay and/or deaf bloggers in Philadelphia! Any hints? Tell me.



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