Friday, April 01, 2005

I Hate Lance Armstrong

I may be the only person in this country that wanted Lance Armstrong to lose the Tour de France. I absolutely find him to be disgusting, condescending and arrogant prick. He claimed that it was a "miracle" that he survived Testicular Cancer. It was offensive to Jake Temby, a friend of mine who died of Testicular Cancer three years ago. Lance had the money to get the best care, Jake did not. Case closed. In this country, money is the option to get the best care for yourself. If you do not, good riddance.

When Lance has that thing "yellow bracelet" that goes out to fundraise for "the research on Testicular Cancer", I refused to do a thing with it. I'm sure the monies funnelled its way to Lance's accounts. Too bad, there are many people who thought he was American hero.

He is not. He is just a Texan prick.

I always suspected that he was on steroids. Then the rumors in Europe began to circulate that Lance, indeed, does the steroids. He denied with a passion. He was lucky to be American because the rumor originated in France where there are lots of anti-French folks in America who disregarded the French as crybabies.

Now with this out, this time, the American is *claiming*, not French, that yes, Lance does it. I'm not surprised.

I hope Lance dies poor.


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