Monday, April 11, 2005

Kyle & Breyer

I love Greg Fox's Kyle Bed & Breakfast comic strip. I occasionally got in touch with Greg and talked about the character I always felt for -- Kyle. Kyle is a sweet guy who operated the bed & breakfast inn in Long Island (a dream of mine to build one in Pennsylvania) -- I was enamored that Kyle finally found his match in Breyer.

This happened right after Kyle told Breyer that his dick size does not matter (apparently, before that, people looked at Breyer as a big guy and expected a big dick -- Breyer avoided Kyle for a while after dating him, but Kyle finally caught Breyer and learned of this problem) -- and Breyer was thrilled when Kyle said his dick size does not matter at all. I told Greg Fox that this particular panel is my favorite because it is easy to love Kyle -- enjoy!

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Thanks, Greg, for entertaining me with your imagination.


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