Sunday, April 10, 2005

Why Do I Make Fun of X-ians?

One avid reader of mine asked me why I was harsh on Republicans, Conservatives and Christians -- especially the Christians. I explained my reasons. I also told her that I'd do that on my blog to clear up some misconceptions.

As you can see the trend of last two decades, many Conservatives, Republicans and Christians has demonized the words in "Democrats", "Liberals" -- to a point where if one says, "Damn the dirty Liberal" to the other person who disputed, that "other person" became defensive and did not like the insult. The question begets, is this appropriate? No.

The Republicans, Conservatives and Christians has been doing this for years. I felt that they needed the medicine of their own -- that is to put it back where it belonged -- in their mouths, that they are dirty, filthy and pig. Many Christians are full of crap. They claimed to be able to cure just because they are (gasp!) born-again Christian! They claimed that homosexuality is wrong just because the old book said so! They claimed that they disavowed wars, but history proved again, again, and again that they wage wars to proselytize their religious beliefs.

Some Christians argued that they are not "religious" -- others are, they are just Christians. Hogwash. That is to exonerate their responsibility for inflicting the pain on others.

Christians argued that gays are a threat to the society -- it is hogwash. Gays has been part of this world from day one, like it or not. What you do not know, you fear!

I have close friends who are believers of Jesus Christ -- that is fine with me, they also know that preaching the sins to me won't make me un-gay. They still accept me and even asked me if I got a boyfriend or my conquests. Delanne, Todd, Dyan, Kevin, Kathy, Kim and few others are prime examples of good Christians. I accepted them because they befriend me for who I am, not for what I am. They are good people.

But millions of X-ians are not good people. They claimed to be good people, they are not. People like ThePrecinctChair said that I was not denied "the right to marry any willing single woman of your choice."

C'mon, let's be serious for a minute -- my friends who knew me for years, do I truly want to wed a woman that has vagina? Do I see a hand raising over there? No? I rest my case, TPC.

As you can see, there are many Christians who claimed that they are "tolerant", but they are not. They do not tolerate -- always used the excuses that they "have gay friends back home who agreed with them" -- a pure hogwash.

My point is that ... I have many friends who are good Christians, but there are millions of dumbfuck X-ians that I rejected completely. Why? They attempted to force me to do things that I do not want to be part of, so in turn I retaliate by making fun of them until they back off from doing this to me and others.

Many GLBTs do not bother you if you want to believe in a fairy tale about Jesus Christ, in fact, we *allow* you to do so because we believe that you have the right to believe in Tooth Fairy! But no, most of X-ians insist that they "understand" us but we are still wrong.

Remove the 'but' first, then I'll stop making fun of your hocus pocus beliefs. Until the day, people learned to respect others of their differences without resorting to use the inflammatory words like "dirty liberals", "damn liberals", "filthy fags" -- my insistence to call Republicans, Conservatives and Xians with offensive names shall remain.

Here is the classic example of how Conservatives, Republicans and Christians do to Liberals, Gays, Democrats and others -- tell me if it is appropriate thing to do. This was taken from which supported the Conservatives pigs like Instapundit, Gook Malkin et al.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

As you can see, these are not funny. These are offensive means to ridicule the others for disagreeing with their views. If they can do it, why can't I?

So I adopted the means to ridicule and make fun of them as well. An eye for an eye, like it or not.

If you feel a pinch of pain in your heart when someone said that you're "Christian pig", remember how you did that to others who declined to believe in your beliefs.

Don't whine about it since many of others did it first.


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